Past Question Examples and Plan


Choose two songs, each from a different decade, and discuss their use of harmony, instruments, voices, structure and technology. (20 Marks)

The question asks candidates to choose two songs from different decades of the candidates’ own choice from the 1960s to the present day. There are many aspects which may be covered and candidates should select musical examples from their chosen decades which enable them to cover such areas as:

• technological/recording developments

• vocal/instrumental techniques

• instrumental/vocal combinations

• musical styles/genres

• form/structure. 

Popular music has often been used for social comment during this period. Write in detail about two or more songs discussing how the music expresses the meaning of the words. (20 Marks)

Candidates are encouraged to demonstrate their knowledge of the music by choosing at least two songs which enable them to comment on the way the music has been used to express social comment. The focus of the answer must be on the music and how it has been used, rather than biographical detail or just lyrics without reference to the music. Possible areas of


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