Mozart context question- EDEXCEL AS Music


Ok so this is everything you need to know about Mozarts K333 in preperation for the AS written music exam. I am a student myself so sorry if any of this information is wrong please feel free to contact me with any concerns regarding the information bellow or any hints and tips that you need in order to get a good grade in this exam. My teacher taught me to do a structured answer to the context questions which is the first of the essay questions that you have to complete in the paper and you get the choice out of intrumental or vocal works - sorry if you are doing vocal works as I have only been taught the istrumental works in enough detail for the essay questions. The structure that I have been taught which you may want to use too is that you write the headings out of the things that you need to include which are Form, Melody, Harmony, Instrumentation, Texture, Rhythm (in that order so you do not forget to include them all). You then should wrte out your points in a bullet style- except for Form- but you can if you want to. You should also include for every bullet point a bar reference which I have tried to include below. I hope that this helps any of you and feel free to contact me if you need any help and good luck with the exam.


The piece is in sonata form which includes an exposition at bars 1- 63 which includes a 1st subject from bar 1- 10 in the tonic and the 2nd subject from bar 23 in the dominant key. The piece also includes a codetta at bars 50-63 and a development section at bars 63-93- characterised by modulations for example at bar 71 the piece is in the key of F minor and at bar 75 the piece is in the key of C minor. The recapitulation of the piece is from bar 93…


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