OCR Psychology Developmental Approach Mock - With Answers!


Developmental Psychology Exam


Section A


1     From Samuel and Bryant’s study outline one finding that supported Piaget’s theory and one finding that disagreed with Piaget’s theory.

One finding where Samuel and Bryant disagreed with Piaget’s theory was when he said that children under 7 weren’t able to conserve when some showed the ability to do so. One finding that supported Piaget’s findings was that children were able to conserve with number first before mass and volume [4]


2     The study by Bandura, Ross and Ross on the imitation of aggression used a number of experimental controls. Describe how one variable was controlled                                                 [2]

One variable that was controlled by Bandura was the gender of the model that was present when the children observed either aggressive or passive behavior.


3     Describe one piece of evidence that Freud used to suggest Little Hans had an Oedipus Complex                                                                                                                                   [2]

Hans developed a phobia of horses when he identified this to be like his father and saw him as a competition towards winning his mother – Alpha vs Beta


4(a) What is meant by the term ‘inter-rater reliability’?                                                                       [2]

Inter rater reliability is where observers are trained on observing the same behaviours using the same coding scheme

  (b) Give one example of ‘inter-rater reliability’ from a core study.                                                  [2]

In the Samuel and Bryant study they used 2 observers, one male and female that observed the imitative aggressive/non-aggressive behaviours of the children


Section B

16   Choose one of the core studies below and answer the following questions.

Bandura: Transmission of aggression through imitation of aggressive models.

Freud. The Case Study of a young boy with an Oedipus Complex


(a)   Describe how qualitative data was gathered in your chosen study. (Describe the method specifically referring to the qualitative data collected                                                                              [6]

In the Freud’s study on Little Hans, qualitative data was collected through Hans’ Father asking questions and writing letters to Freud explaining his son’s behaviours. There were only 2 occasions that Freud actually interviewed Little Hans’. Hans’ father would ask him questions about his behaviours and feelings but it was unlikely that even though to Freud they had a special relationship Hans’ would give fine and true details on his


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