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Some assumptions of each approach, again a little lacking in detail but it was something I did quickly for a spot of revision.

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Assumptions of each Psychological Approaches
People are influenced by those around them, how others
behave and their characteristics we imitate role models and
try to fit it. We make judgements based on how they look
or act.
Other people and the surrounding environment are all
major influences of our behaviour.
Attempts to explain behaviour in terms of mental
Cognitive processes and how we make sense of information we
receive through our senses.
People develop in a series of progressive stages starting
in childhood where each stage requires different strategies
Developmental and skills.
Children learn through Social Learning Theory, that this is
dependent on their experiences.
Acknowledges that there are differences between
Individual Differences
individuals, that we are all different.
Attempts to explain human behaviour through a series of
Physiological neurological and biological processes within the body.
The central nervous system and the brain are studied.


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