Oceans on the edge

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Oceans on the edge - reefs and marine problems

Distribution of marine ecosystems at risk

 - Northern Hemisphere

 - Asia and Middle East ( Oil)

 - poles least damaged

Dead zone

 -Pollution and nutrient overload ( eg. fertilisers being flushed into the sea

 - algae forms and absorbs oxygen so other marine organisms cant use it

 - cant support life as there is little oxygen


 - group of animals and plants

 - depend on each other to survive


 - keystone species

 - feed on algae and plankton

- eaten by whales, fish and penguins

 - declined by 80% since 1980

Value of Coral Reefs

 - exploitation of fish

     - 4000 reef species of fish provide food for locals

 - shoreline protection

    - offers protection from storms,


Laura Turner - Allen


Yellow writing is a bit hard to read but helpful!



What do you mean by Oil next to Middle East-is that an area which is lacking oil?

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