Nazi Germany - Hitler Becoming Fuhrer

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Nazi Germany - Hitler Becoming Fuhrer

In January 1933 he became Chancellor, by the August 1934 he was Fuhrer, what happened?

Reichstag Fire:

  • 27th February 1933 - whilst Hitler was having dinner with his propaganda minister, the Reichstag building was set on fire
  • Hitler immediately blamed communists
  • Dutch communist, Marinus van der Lubbe caught at the scene
  • After arrested he acted strangely, didn't speak, not even to defend himself
  • 11 months later he was found guilty and confessed - beheaded
  • Communists said it was a Nazi plot so Hitler could blame the communists
  • Another story was that van Lubbe started one fire and the SA started the others
  • Some suspicion that the Nazis started the fire because of how well Hitler used it as propaganda
  • Day after the fire Hitler persuades President Hindenburg to pass emergency decree by using Article 48
  • Hitler could arrest anyone under suspicion of opposing the government
  • Ended political liberty, freedom of speech and took control of the press
  • Hitler arrested many political opponents, others were afraid to vote because of the SA

The Nazis did well in the elections because:

  • They controlled news media
  • Opposition meetings banned
  • They used SA to terrorise opponents
  • They blamed communists for Reichstag fire
  • Emergency decrees were used
  • Communists were arrested, making people scared to vote for them

The enabling act:

  • The SA intimidates all the…


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