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WW2 Hitler Timeline


Hitler was released from prison.


A depression hits Germany. Hitler uses this as an advantage and promised people solutions to the problems they had. This made him very popular.


Hitler's popularity grew as unemployment in Germany grew.


January 30th Adolf Hitler becomes Chancellor of Germany.

February 27th The Reichstag Fire.

March 23rd Enabling Act gives Hitler dictatorial power.

July 14th Nazi party declared only party in Germany.

October 14th Germany quits the League of Nations.


June 30th The "Night of Long Knives."- Hitler sent the ** to murder the leading members of the Nazi party that opposed him.

August 2nd German President Hindenburg dies. Just hours later Hitler was announced as Chacellor, Head of State and Commander of the Army.

August 19th Adolf Hitler becomes Fuhrer of Germany.


March 16th Hitler violates Treaty of Versailles by introducing military conscription.


February 10th The German Gestapo is placed above the Law.

March 7th German troops occupy the Rhineland.

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Hitler's rise to power- Hitler in control

Rise to power

Hitler rose to power, by using forceful tactics. He forced himself into politics and quickly created his own part, THE NAZIES. He took advantage of people and of Germany's economical state and promised a better future.

In Control

Terror- Hitler used the ** to terrorise people, this was a part of his bid to keep his control on his country. Jews and others who openly opposed Hitler was arrested and put into concentration camps, where they were forced into hard labour.

His secret police, The Gestapo also tapped into people's telephones and spied on people. Everyone was afraid so no one dared speak a bad word of Hitler.

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