History - Germany (1929-1945)

These are the key moments of Hitler's rise to power and the key events in the lead up to World War II.

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1929 - Wall Street Crash in the USA

This event caused an economic depression. America, therefore, called back all its foreign loans which destroyed the Weimar's economy.

Unemployment in Germany rose to 6 million.

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1933 - Hitler invited to become Chancellor

In January 1933, Hindenburg and Papen came up with a plan to get the Nazis on their side by offering to make Hitler vice chancellor. He refused and demanded to be made chancellor. They agreed, thinking they could control him.

In January 1933, Hitler became chancellor, and immediately set about making himself absolute ruler of Germany using Article 48.

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1933 - Reichstag Fire

The Reichstag building was set ablaze and the Nazis blamed the Communists. Consequently, they were all arrested and sent to concentration camps.

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1933 - Political Opposition to the Nazis banned

The Enabling Act allowed this. The Communists and Social Democrats were the main parties that were banned.

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1934 - Night of the Long Knives

Hitler compresses the SA and its leader, Ernst Rohm, because he saw their independance as a direct threat to his power.

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1934 - Hitler succeeds Hindenburg as President

Hindenburg dies and so Hitler receives full power as President of Germany. He makes the army swear fealty to him and he becomes the Fuhrer.

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1935 - Nuremberg Laws

These were antisemitic laws which were introduced at the annual Nazi Party rally in Nuremberg.

The Nuremberg Laws deprived Jews of citizenship and prohibited marriage between Jews and other Germans.

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1936 - Berlin Olympic Games

These Games were used by Hitler to promote his Nazi beliefs and ideals. Many athletes conducted the salute to the Fuhrer.

However, Jesse Owens, a black American athlete, was not acknowledged by Hitler because of his segregation rules.

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1938 - Kristallnacht (Night of Broken Glass)

This was an anti-Jewish act in Nazi Germany and Austria. It was a co-ordinated attack on Jews and their property. 91 Jews were murdered and around 25,000 were arrested and put into concentration camps.

This was committed by the Gestapo, Hitler Youth and the **.

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1939 - Outbreak of the World War II

Hitler and Germany invades Poland. The British Commonwealth and France declare war and the USA declare war on Japan after the Pearl Harbour attacks further into the war.

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