My Piece on Animal Cruelty in Sports (English Essay)

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Please do not read if you're easily upset.. I don't want to upset anyone. Its just a piece I wrote for my English :)

Bullfighting - The ‘Bloodless’ Bloodsport.

Despite the name, these bullfights are a anything but bloodless.
There is nothing remotely "sporting" about sports that involve unwilling animal participants. For the animals who are forced to participate in them, these activities are no game—they are about survival. In bullfights, there is only one outcome for the bull - death.

Each year, more than 40,000 bulls are slaughtered in bullrings around the world. The bulls who are used in this cruel practice are deliberately weakened before fights by being drugged, sometimes even having their horns shaved down in order to disorient them and petroleum jelly rubbed into their eyes to blur their vision. These bulls don’t stand a chance against the matador, who tries to kill them slowly with repeated stabbing.

In a typical bullfight, the bull enters the arena to be approached by men riding blindfolded horses who then spike lances and other sharp objects into the back and neck muscles of the bull which are then twisted and gouged ensuring that there is a lot of blood lost, therefore impairing his ability to lift his head for defense. and servilely wounding them.

Banderilleros (men who use banderillas - decorated darts thrust into a bull's neck or shoulders during a bullfight) enter on foot and distract the bull whilst plunging banderillas into this already wounded back and further weakening him through blood loss. The banderilleros then force the bull to run round in circles until he becomes dizzy.

Finally, the matador - a bullfighter whose task is to kill the bull, appears and provokes the last exhausted defensive charged out of the dying animal. He then attempts to kill the bull with his sword, if he misses…


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