How to Write a Literature Review


Literature Review is One of the Most Crucial Elements of a Research Study

How to write a literature review will be clearer to you once you understand what a literature review is. Literature reviews are papers which discuss published information (someone else’s ideas) in a specific subject area within a certain time period. A literature review will give new information combined with the old or it might give new information of old materials. It also advices the reader on what he should decide as relevant to his subject. A literature review can be taken up in isolation or it can be a part of a larger research study.

Research the material

Research can be done by using the library, journals and the web. Once you have your material, try and figure out which material is relevant to your understanding of the subject. Taking down all relevant material is a must which a good essay writer will do automatically when buy a research paper. There will be many items to note down, such as, the type of study, the method, findings and the suggestions which will include on what should be studied further. The literature review will also discuss various definitions proposed by different scholars and how these agree or disagree on


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