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Act 4

Scene 1

Edgar talks to himself, reflecting that his situation is not as bad as it could be. He overhears
Gloucester and sees that he is being led by an old man because he has been blinded. Gloucester tells
the old man that if he could only touch…

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Scene 4

Cordelia enters, leading her soldiers. Cordelia sends her soldiers to find Lear and bring him back. She
consults with a doctor about Lear's chances for recovering and the doctor tells her that what Lear
most needs is sleep. A messenger brings Cordelia the news that the British armies…

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Scene 6

Still in disguise, Edgar leads Gloucester toward Dover and pretends to take him to the cliff.
He tells him that they are the top and waits nearby overhearing Gloucester asking for the
gods to forgive him. Gloucester falls to the ground and Edgar wakes him up in disguise…

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Scene 7

In the french camp, Cordelia speaks with Kent and reveals that she knows his real identity. However,
kent wishes to keep this a secret. Lear who has been sleeping is brought into Cordelia and is brought
to Cordelia. He says that he is aware of his current state…


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