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Act 3

Act 3 Scene 1

There is an on-going storm and Kent runs into one of Lear's knights, the Gentleman. He learns that
Lear is somewhere near accompanied only by the Fool. Kent tells the Gentleman that he has heard
that there is unrest between Albany and Cornwall and…

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Act 3 Scene 4

Kent leads Lear through the storm to the hovel. He tries to get him to go inside, but Lear resists,
saying that his own mental anguish makes him hardly feel the storm. He sends his Fool inside to take
shelter and then kneels and prays.

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Change of character ­ We can see Lear's reoccurring change as his health worsens and he acts mad.
When the fool asks Lear whether a madman is an ordinary person Lear replies, `A king, a king!'
referring to himself which shows Lear has completely lost his senses.
Pity ­ Lear…


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