King Lear Shakespeare Act 3 Timeline AQA

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Act 3
Act 3 Scene 1
There is an on-going storm and Kent runs into one of Lear's knights, the Gentleman. He learns that
Lear is somewhere near accompanied only by the Fool. Kent tells the Gentleman that he has heard
that there is unrest between Albany and Cornwall and that there are spies for the French in the
English courts. Kent tells the Gentleman to go to Dover and he gives him a ring and orders him to give
it to Cordelia, who will know who has sent the knight when she sees the ring. Kent leaves to search
for Lear.
Loyalty ­ Kent shows loyalty towards Lear as he is concerned about where Lear is and so, he looks
for him.
Act 3 Scene 2
Meanwhile, Lear wanders around in the storm, cursing the weather and challenging it to do its worst
against him. His thoughts wander from idea to idea but always return on the topic of his two cruel
daughters. The Fool, who accompanies him, urges him to humble himself before his daughters and
seek shelter indoors, but Lear ignores him. Kent finds the two of them and urges them to take shelter
inside a nearby hovel. Lear finally agrees and follows Kent toward the hovel. The Fool makes a
strange and confusing prophecy.
Self-pity ­ Lear demonstrates this as he refers to himself as `A poor, infirm, weak, and despised old
man' to blame his daughters for mistreating him however he isn't conscious of how he has behaved
towards them
Act 3 Scene 3
Gloucester confides in Edmund telling him how he doesn't approve of Regan, Gonerill and Cornwall's
behavior towards Lear. When he urged them to give him permission to go out and help Lear they
became angry and took possession of his castle ordering him never to speak to Lear again. He also
tells Edmund that he is aware there is conflict between Albany and Cornwall and informs him that a
French army is invading soon. He tells him that the news of the French army is locked in his room and
asks him to go and distract Cornwall whilst Gloucester searches for Lear.
Theme of seeing and blinding ­ Gloucester is unaware of Edmund's false pretense so he confides in
him. However, when Gloucester leaves Edmund privately rejoices at the opportunity to own his
father. He plans to go and inform Cornwall about Gloucester's plans to help Lear so he is put to death
and Edmund is able to inherit the title, land and fortune.

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Act 3 Scene 4
Kent leads Lear through the storm to the hovel. He tries to get him to go inside, but Lear resists,
saying that his own mental anguish makes him hardly feel the storm. He sends his Fool inside to take
shelter and then kneels and prays.
The Fool runs out of the hovel, claiming that there is a spirit inside. The spirit turns out to be Edgar in
his disguise as Tom Bedlam.…read more

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Change of character ­ We can see Lear's reoccurring change as his health worsens and he acts mad.
When the fool asks Lear whether a madman is an ordinary person Lear replies, `A king, a king!'
referring to himself which shows Lear has completely lost his senses.
Pity ­ Lear is in hallucination as he sees dogs which others can't see. This makes Edgar show pity upon
Lear as he is shocked at the condition that he is in i.e.…read more


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