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Sec B - 16 Marker's

L.O. To be able to apply the skills
required for AO1 and AO2 to a 16
mark practice question.
To confidently use terminology to suit
different styles of writing


List 10 key terms you can confidently
use in Section B of the English exam…

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Writing to (Inform/Explain/Describe)
Describe your experiences outdoors. (16
Remember to use ADVENTUROUS
Adjectives ­ You can't just write "wild"
each time you describe a noun
Think of MORE alternatives for Wild
Ferocious, brutish, undisciplined,
rough, outrageous, etc.
THINK Creatively ­ Write exactly
what you want to say ­…

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Spellings are generally accurate and
punctuation is correct and routinely

You are starting to use more
ambitious punctuation like
: ; ... ( ) -
· Use a varied style making sure that
you are clear about your audience and
· Try to entertain and surprise the…

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· Use plenty of sentence variety,
begin your complex sentences with
subordinate clauses
and don't be scared to break up long
sentences with simple ones.
· Use colons to introduce lists of
quotes and try replacing `and' with a
semi-colon for
dramatic effect in writing to

Grade B:

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You use more ambitious
punctuation like
: ; ... ( ) -

· Use a varied style making sure that
you are clear about your audience and
· Use a range of more ambitious
vocabulary throughout your writing.
And match your
style to the purpose of the writing.

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· Use semi colons in your extended
sentences, allowing you to build up
ideas and remain
clear, and use colons for dramatic
effect in writing to entertain, or
before a list or
quotation in other writing.

Grade A/A*:
You can write in a range of
styles, very accurately, using

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Punctuation is used
confidently for added impact
and is correct.
· Be experimental. Try to be original
in your writing tasks.
· Choose words that help the reader
visualise your ideas, extend and
develop them fully,
adopting different perspectives.
· Use a range of punctuation and
sentence variety, located…

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Decide on your concept or argument
with the question you are asked:
1. Plan your paragraphs using bullet
2. Plan a brief introduction to
introduce your concept.
3. Write your answer.
4. Check through your answer.
5. Check through your answer again.
Tasks to…

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I stared. An unknown light glowed through the mist and
undulating masked figures hovered. I stared towards
the shimmering light, focusing. The light slowly
sharpened until the masks became faces of utter horror.
I closed my eyes hearing a chorus of animals all around
me. All birds are pretty when…

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listen for the right song. The wind around me howled
like an angry dog. Sleet slatted my face. I searched for a
hollow, human heartbeat. I remembered my mum's
dead eyes. They looked like the alive ones that I once
saw look over the horizon. My head suddenly burst with…


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