The Picture of Dorian Gray: Complete Revision Guide/Presentation

A very in-depth guide to The Picture of Dorian Gray to help with revision! This presentation goes through the events of each chapter (and the preface) and notes on structure and context. It then goes through several key quotes, noting the key themes down the side each time. This presentation is best used to build up on weak points within your knowledge of the text, as there is a lot of information in this presentation!

Hope someone finds it useful! (since it took me 8 hours and all :P heh)

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The Picture of Dorian Gray…read more

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In this revision presentation I will be using the
Wordsworth Classics version of the text for all
page number notes.
Do not focus on learning all the quotes in this
presentation ­ there are too many! They have
been included in order to build a
comprehensive picture of the themes of the
novel. Instead, if you choose to learn quotes
from this presentation, pick out the quotes
that you think are most important, based on:
A diverse set of themes so that you can apply
them to different questions.
How well you understand them and can apply
them in questions.…read more

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Some key revision sources
Some useful revision sources for this book
Sparknotes ­ chapter summaries and
Cliffsnotes for more in-depth concepts and
ideas. - quotes
Gradesaver ­ themes
Try adding to the notes ­ either by
annotating your book, or by writing them
down ­ that you think will be useful in the
exam for you, rather than simply trying to
absorb all the information, as there is a lot…read more

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The Preface…read more

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Outline t
The Preface can be a useful piece of
context to link the book to in the exam.
In it, Wilde outlines through a series of
epigrams: or witty sayings, his main views.
Many of these are on the subject of
aestheticism and art.…read more

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Links to the text / Key Quotes t
"The Artist is the creator of beautiful things.
To reveal art and conceal the artist is art's
Consider how this relates to Basil Hallward's
view of art: "It is not he who is revealed by the
painter; it rather the painter, who, on the coloured
canvas, reveals himself." (c1, p8)
This suggests that Basil does not fulfil the
purpose of art: he sees the picture of Dorian et icis
Aes (c1
as showing "in it the secret of my own soul". Th, e
m / of
s e
p8) The
Motif: Character:
Portrait Basil Ar
Hallward…read more

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Preview of page 7

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Preview of page 8

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Preview of page 9

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Fantastic - lots of detail but all very clear.

A crucial piece of revision material.

Thanks! :)

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