Auden Poetry

Important Quotations 

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1st September 1939

'odour of death, Offends the September night'

'have imago made, A psycopathic god' 'Those to whom evil is done, Do evil in return'

'Exiled Thucydides knew'

'Elderly rubbish'

'neutral air' 'blind skyscrapers' 'But who can live for long in an euphoric dream'

'strength of collective man'

'Cling to their average day; The lights must never go out, The music must always play' 'this fort'

'Lost in a haunted wood, Children afraid of the night, Who have never been happy or good' 

'error bred in bone'

Repeating their morning vow' 'to resume their compulsory game' 

'All I have is a voice' 'We must love one another or die'

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'frosty December' 'First of April' 'middle of september' 

'Victor smiled and shook his head'

'He's too mousy to go far'

'Climbed into his bed, took his bible and read, of what happened to Jezebel.'

'But her kisses were like the best champagne'

'met her upon the stairs'

'walked by the resoivoir' 'O my helen of troy'

'sunset' 'mountains' 'forest' 'meadow' 'river' 'meadow' 

'There was a voice in his left ear, There was a voice in his right, There was a voice at the base of his skull'

'Like a horror in a dream' 

'Making a woman of clay'

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As I walked Out One Evening

'harvest wheat' 'eveing'

'brimming river' 'deep river ran on' 

'under an arch of the railway'

'till China and Africa meet' 'salmon sing in the street'

'And the first love of the world'

'But all the clocks in the city Began to whirm and chime'

'Time watches from the shadow'

'O plunge your hands in water' 'The glacier knocks in the cupboard, The desert sighs in the bed'

'Giant is enchanting to Jack' 'Jill goes down on her back'

'Life remains a blessing Although you cannot bless'

'You will love your crooked neighbour With your crooked heart'

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James Honeyman


'was a silent child' 'didn't laugh or cry'

'striking matches on the nursery floor'

'At the bottom of the garden He built a little shed'

'"I'll finish my experiment And I'll come," he said'

'little garden shed' 'Honeyman's N.P.C. will be heard of some day'

'on their left a United Dairy' 'cinema on their right' 'The third fell in the garden'

'Just like a falling star' 'I'll be famous before I die'

'salmon' 'sea' 'dove' 'tree' 'mountains' 'sea'

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O What Is That Sound

'drumming drumming' 'brightly brightly' 'wheeling wheeling'

'scarlet soldiers'


'only' 'perhaps'

'Why are you kneeling?'

'No, they are passing his gateway'

'But I must be leaving'

'brocken the lock and splintered the door'

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Musee des Beaux Arts

'About suffering they were never wrong' 'old masters'

'reverently' 'miraculous birth' 'dreadful martyrdom'

'dreadful martyrdom'

'dogs go on with their doggy life'

'everything turns away quite lesiurely from the disaster'

'boy falling out of the sky' 'sailed calmly on'

'may have heard....the forsaken cry' 'not an important failiure' 

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Miss Gee

'Clevedon terrace At number 83' 'Miss'

'bicycle with a shopping basket, And a harsh back brake'

'bull with a face of the Vicar'

'Because of that back-pedal break'

'With her clothes buttoned up to her neck' 'With the bedclothes right up to her neck'

'good girl'

'Cancer's a funny thing'

'foiled creative fire'

'she's a goner I fear' 'cut Miss Gee in half' 

'laid her on the table' 'hung her from the ceiling' 

'We seldom see a sarcoma As far advanced as this' 'oxford groupers' 

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