Modelling and Prototyping

Block Modelling

  • No working or moving parts
  • Concept models of the product- being produced or already has been produced
  • Manufactured from variety of materials- ABS, Acrylic and Styrofoam- High finish which makes them look like the real thing.
  • Often used in advertising, photographs and brochures.
  • Produced using cells and sub cells
  • Smaller and smaller cells- more detail can be added
  • Good representation of product produced
  • Cross sections or plans and elevations can be viewed on the monitor while looking at the solid thing.
  • 2D images struggle to achieve user friendly or aesthteically pleasing


  • Useful tool
  • Able to identify shape, dimension and surface details.
  • Very high level of detail
  • Computer generated as well as solid block model
  • Can identify argonomic factors.
  • Designers can 'get a feel' for the product
  • Helps you figure out if the product is


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