Paper and board forming processes

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  • Paper & board forming processes
    • Die Cutting and creasing
      • die cutters used to cut card or paper nets/developments
      • makes nets to be folded and assembled
      • will form a 3D shape such as a box
      • use a plywood substrate board
      • steel cutting dies and creasing rules are inserted into a plywood substrate board
      • stock material placed under the board
      • press pushes board into stock material , which cuts the net out
      • creasing rules score the folding lines
    • Bending
      • stamped out net placed onto folding table
      • helps a material bend alog the cease lines
    • Laser Cutting
      • perfect for prototype construction/ small-scale production
      • can be used to cut, engrave, perforate and carve
      • packaging production
      • quick, accurate and have a high level of detail
      • not limited to making a single net or shape
      • 2D drawings can be quickly downloaded to a laser to be cut


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