Design for manufacture and project management

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  • Planning for accuracy and efficiency
    • Ensuring accuracy of prototype designs
      • accuracy in prototype depends on UCD approach
      • client feedback
      • QA to ensure accuracy- CAD simulations, working drawings with tolerances, mock-up models, client feedback and peer review
      • during product production QC checks ensure accuracy
      • QC checks include visual aesthetic checks, appropriate dimension checks, machine alignment checks, assembly checks and quality checks of manufactured finish
      • testing for accuracy governed by a cost analysis to ensure profitability
    • Ensuring accuracy in types of production
      • CAD including process stimulations and costings
      • working drawings with tolerances
      • sample prototypes
      • templates, jigs and fixtures produced
      • focus groups and surveys
      • Non-destructive and destructive testing
      • Specific checks will depend on the product
      • machine aligning callibrations
      • tooling replacement
    • accurate prototype production requires effective research and development
    • development of design must allow specification to be tested prior to final production
    • successful manufacture of a product requires a clear schedule of production with deadlines and QC checks


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