Milgram and his Variations

Milgram's Original Study


  • Investigate the level of obedience when told by an authoritative figure to give electric shocks.
  • Investigate "Germans are different" hypothesis (the assumption that the Germans obeyed because of blind obedience, not because of who they were).


  • The sample was self selected via a newspaper ad. It consisted of 40 men aged between 20 and 50. They were from various occupational backgrounds, all from the New Haven area of America. The method used was a lab based study. 
  • Milgram investigated what people thought would occur. Fourteen Yale psychology seniors predicted that 0-3% would go up to 450V.
  • At the beginning of the study a lot was drawn whereby the participant always became the teacher.
  • The stooge/confederate was then taken into another room where they were strapped into a chair and electrodes were attached to them - this was done in front of…


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