Obedience: Situational Variables

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  • Social Influence: Situational Variables
    • Milgram considered the situational variables that would create greater or lesser obedience.
      • Outfits symbolic of their authority. Entitled to expect our obedience.
      • Wore grey lab coat in origninal study.
  • In the proximity variation in Milgram's study, the teacher and learner were in the same room, the obedience rate dropped from 65% to 40%.
      • The physical closeness or distance of an authority to the person they are giving an order to.
  • Place where order is issued, factor influencing obdience is status associated with location.
      • Milgram changed the location of the study, conducted variation of study in run down building rather than prestigious uni setting. Obedience fell from 65% to 47.5%.


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