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milgrims obediance study - lab study


he recruited 40 male participants through newspaper articles and flyers. he advitised he was looking for people to take part in a memory study. the pps were aged between 20-50 and consisted of any job

a confederate"mr wallace" was the learner while the pps were the teacher and there was the experimenter. the leaner was in a attached room so the teacher could only hear but not see the confederate. 

everytime the learner made a mistke on a question the teacher had to give him an electric shock which increased in volts 15-450.

the teacher was giving prods to continue that the 1st "one said please go on" and the 4th said "you have no choice you must go on"


no pps stopped before 300 volts. 12.5% stopped at 300 volts while 65.5% continued to 400 volts


uniform - 

Milgram’s base line study had the researcher wearing a grey lab coat which represented his authority. During this variation Milgram had the researcher answer a phone call which resulted in the researcher being replaced by a confederate who was dressed in everyday clothes. From this he found obedience dropped to 20% due to the lack of authority.

proximity -

From Milgram’s original study the experimenter and teacher were in the same room with the learner in an attached room so the teacher was unable to see the learner but could hear their reactions. To change proximity the experimenter left the room and gave instructions to the teacher by telephone. This resulted


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