Medival medicine

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  • There was a lot of superstition around following the pagan Saxons
  • Public health system fell into disrepair
  • People of the dark ages had no education so couldn't understand the importance of hygiene and clean water etc
  • The Christian Church re-established itself in Britain
  • In 12th century Islam, Ibn Zuhr described the parasite that causes scabies
  • Ibn al-Nafis suggested correctly that the blood flowed from one side of the heart to the other via the lungs not the septum - his work was unknown in the West until the 20th century
  • Alchemy was preserved by the Arabs, traces back to Egyptians
  • An unsuccessful experiment was as likely to be blamed on the position of the stars or spiritual purity of the alchemist as anything else
  • The Church had a big influence on medieval medicine; educated people had to be taught in Church institutions
  • Also believed that illness was a punishment for sins
  • Hospitals set up by monasteries


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