Renaissance Medicine

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  • There was a greater interest in how the body worked backed on direct observation and dissection
  • Science began to remove superstition from medicine
  • Artists, like Leaonardo da Vinci, attended dissections of human corpses and wrote on scientific subjects using illustrations
  • Some people thought that the Catholic Church had become corrupt and got too far from teachings of the Bible
  • Paracelsus burnt one of Galen's books and called him a liar and Avicenna a kitchen master. He reject the ideas of the four humours. Thought that disease attacked the body from the outside
  • The Renaissance was a violent period, religious differences led to wars
  • Population began to increase in towns and cities, putting more strain on the available clean water and sewage disposal
  • Warfare consumed resources, destroyed crops. Starvation, camp fever (Typhoid) and STDs were carried around by the army
  • The Great Plague hit London killing about…


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