Hypertension and Hypotension

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Causes Symptoms Treatment
Essential Hypertension Uncomplicated No Cure but can be
Unknown Cause. 95% of Hypertension Minimized
cases. No Symptoms
Secondary Hypertension Can Remain Unnoticed Medicine
Direct Causes. Kidney for many years, or even Is used if lifestyle
Diseases, Tumours, Birth decades. changes alone fail to
Control Pills Could develop to heart lower blood pressur
attacks and strokes sufficiently.
Lack of Physical Activity
Can cause: Changing your
High levels of salt intake Headaches routine to a Healthy
Dizziness Lifestyle
Overweight or Obesity Problems with Vision
Vitamin D Deficiency

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Causes Symptoms Treatment
Every Day Causes Low blood pressure can Treatment depend
1. The Time of Day sometimes mean there on the severity of
Blood pressure falls over is not enough blood your signs and
night flowing to your brain and symptoms.
2. Amount of Exercise other vital organs, which
At first it will be high but can lead to This can be easily
the more you do it should symptoms such as: treated by increasin
lower down when resting 1.…read more


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