Ancient Greece

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  • Believed that the world was controlled by many gods (like the Egyptians)
  • Spiritual approach was followed by Asclepios who was the god of healing
  • Had temples called Asclepions, people went to stay there when they were ill - this cult was popular in the 5th and 4th centuries BC
  • Visitors had to undertake ceremonial washing in the sea, make a sacrifice to the god and sleep in a building called the abaton (a narrow building with a roof by no solid walls, open to the air)
  • Priests would conduct 'ward rounds' where they would administrate ointments and perform rituals which some involved place snakes on the patients
  • Aslecpios' daughters were also involved in the healing process, they were called Hygeia and Panacea, their names developed in modern medicine (hygeia = hygiene and panacea = remedy for all ills)
  • Pythagoras was one of many Greek philosophers, he thought that life was about balance of…


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