Child development types of families

Simple mindmap showing different family types and a bit of information about them :)

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  • Types Of Families
    • Extended Family
      • The family live near each other and there is a range of grandperantsm antuies and uncels.
    • Nucular Family
      • Family live far away from each other, not as many relativies.
    • Foster Family
      • Child lives with a family which id giving them foster care, this csn be short or long term. Children go in this sort of care for many reasons.
    • Single Parent Family
      • There is only one perant who lives wiith the child, this can either be the man or the woman but it is more common for it to be the woman.
    • Step Family
      • Perants looked after children from a pervious and current marriage. This leads to having step brothers and sisters.


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