Medicinal Chemistry



TD50- The dosage of a drug which is TOXIC in 50% of the population 

LD50- The dosage of a drug which is LETHAL in 50% of the population 

ED50- The minimum dosage of a drug which in EFFECTIVE at 50% of the population 

Therapeutic Window- The range of drug plasma concentrations for which it is effective without causing toxic effects 

Bioavailability- The fraction of the administered dose which reacts the drug target in the body

Tolerance- When the body becomes less responsive to the effects of the drug, LARGER AND LARGER DOSES are needed for the same effect 

Addiction- Where a user develops a physical dependence on a drug 

Side-Effects- The negative effects of the administration of a drugs

Drug Receptor Interactions- Many drugs are designed to target SURFACE RECEPTOR PROTEINS, these drugs can have different effects e.g.

  • Agonistic: Drug acts in a similar way to substrate, activating the receptor and the associated response 


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