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  • Chemistry
    • Change
      • Physical
        • No new substance is produced
        • It is reversible
        • Changes in state and shape
      • Chemical
        • New substance is formed
        • Mixture warms up
        • Colour changes
        • Bubbles given off
        • Mixtures cools down
        • Original substance disappears
    • Matter
      • Mixture
        • Combination of substance
        • Substance returns back to normal
        • Separated physically
        • Heterogeneous
          • It is very easy to distinguish between the different substances in the mixture
        • Homogenous
          • It looks like one substance when there is more than one. It is often referred to as a solution
      • Compound
        • Bonding of elements
        • Separated chemical
        • A new element is formed and can't necessarily go back to normal
    • Types of reactions
      • Synthesis
        • Building up reaction
      • Decomposition
        • Breaking down reaction
      • Single displacement
        • Replace one part of the compound
      • Double displacement
        • Replace two parts of the compound, Swap.
      • Combustion
        • A hydrocarbon(fuel) that reacts with oxygen gas. Burning.
    • Exothermic
      • Reaction where energy is given of and temperature rises.
    • Endothermic
      • Reaction wher energy is taken in and temperature drops.


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