Media- Postmodernism+Pluralist view


Postmodernism + Pluralist view on the media - NOTES


  • No such thing as popular or mass culture

  • Consumers have a wide diversity of cultural choices

  • Compaine (2005): global competition= expanding sources of info + entertainment, NOT restricting

  • Tomlinson (1999): globalization isn’t directly from the West, instead is mixing/hybridisation of cultures

  • Hybrid cultures

  • Glocalised tv formats (e.g: culture-specific quiz shows)

  • New media technology allows consumers to create their own content+generate own popular culture → not passive consumers

  • Promotion of democracy, growing cultural diversity, hybridisation, new ideas

Critical View of Media

  • globalisation= good for media owners, gain profits from world-wide advertising

  • Thussu (2007): globalisation of tv + competition between media conglomerates leads to news becoming more tabloidized (global infotainment)

  • Promotion of a false global ‘feelgood factor’

  • Based on western/US consumerist lifestyles

  • Diverts attention from serious issues (wars, destruction of native cultures via media, growing cultural hegemony of the west)

  • Global media= less choice

  • Output controlled by ‘lords of the global village’

  • Cultural sameness

  • Local media


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