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owners want profit 

need an audience so will give them what they want to read

those who own the media will directly show their views

owned and controlled by the ruling class 

media reinforces the view of the dominant ruling class in a capitalist society 

w/c should accept exploitation

journalists depend on the owners so will report the views from above 

socialised by dominant ideology- views of the ruling class 

Milliband (1973) Marcuse, Curran and Seaton (2003) , Curran (2003) 

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controlled by journalists 

media emphasises power of hegemony, ideology spread as people accept

journalists socialised by dominant ideology- views of the ruling class

journalists are independent- not manipulated 

day to day owners not involved 

protect jobs and advertisers 

support social concensus

hegemony, dominant ideology, gate keeping, cultural effects, news values 

Gum G, Greg Philo, Sutton Trust, Jones (2015) 

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journalists have independence- not manipulated by others 

consumer choice dictates the overall content 

owned by different organisations, regulated by the government and content by consumer choice 

diverse mass media 

different platforms for the pressures and broadcating ensure ideological domination wont happen 

owners want profit and need an audience- will give them what they want to see 

Blondel (1969)  and Whale (1977) 

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convince people that the truth isnt always the truth

dont rely on the leader

make the public see the impact of the media

media is a consitiute of 'realities'- we live a media led life so has an affect on audience 

individuals read content in different ways, way they interpret can be different and affected by certain factors such as ethnicity

no dominant media- multiple interpretations

media challenges truth and reality 

competing versions of the truth

Bavdrillard and Luotard- theories into postmodernism 'grand narratives' media needs to be 'desconstructed' 

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