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  • Active Audience
    • Reception Analysis Model
      • it suggest that people interpret the same media content in a variety of different ways because of their backgrounds
        • People also belong to several sub-cultural groups which is why the media is polemic; it attracts more than one type of reading
      • Morley & Hall
      • It is based on the encoding/ decoding of text and audience
      • people choose to read or interpret media content in 3 different ways
        • Preferred/ dominant reading
          • it accepts the content as legitimate leading to it reflecting the consensus
          • very few people are likely to interpret stories about the issue
        • oppositional reading
          • Opposed the views that are expressed in the media
        • Negotiated readings
          • Audiences reinterpret the media content to fit in with their own opinions and values
    • Cultural effects model
      • Marxist
      • They see the media as having strong ideological messages which reflect the ruling class values
        • Therefore they encourage other to accept and agree with it
      • they say they have been exposed to the drip-drip effect to the ideological messages
        • As a result audiences have been dumped down making them no longer critical of society
      • Reese and Lewis
        • Found new reports on 9/11 attack uncritically transmitted the political responses to the attack as a war on terror'
          • Therefore it helped justify US invasion to Afghanistan and Iraq making those who only got info from the news were supportive of the USA
      • Criticism
        • The causes and effects are very difficult to operationalise and measure
        • Pluralist say that the media content is constructed to benefit the audience
          • If the media does project a point of view over another it is because the audience already believe it, therefore demand it
    • Post-Modernist Model
      • Strinati
        • The media are central to the creation of the post-modern world
          • This is because the offers in choice mean society can create their own set of values
            • It focuses on how individuals of audiences create their own meanings from media text
      • Rather than the audiences being divided into cultural or other groupings
        • Postmodernist argue that media generalisation and audiences are impossible as they react differently to the same media


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