Media effects


Selective filtering - Interpretivist approach by Klapper 

Stage 1 : selective exposure - Klapper 
We select what we engage in and what we are exposed to. 

Stage 2: selective perception 
We choose what we agree and disagree with.  E.g. someone may disagree with immigratfon but reject the idea that the housing crisis is created by this group. 

Stage 3: Selective retention 
Means people will forget material that is not in line with their beliefs. They remember informatgion that fits in with their ideologies. 

Case studies 
Daily mirror - During the Iraq war 2003, The Mirror opposed it yet 50% of their readers were for the war. (Labour supporting) 
Daily Mail - The mail is a strong supporter of war but 25% of their readers were in favour of it. 
These show that consumers have the power to interpret media how they want.

1 selective perception /
2Selective percdeption / 
3 selective exposure /
4 Selective retention /

The Glasgvow Media…


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