• Lennie spends the night by the Salinas River with George.
  • Lennie tries to hide the mouse he has petted (to death).
  • When George throws Lennie’s mouse away, Lennie tells George he’s going to go live in a cave.
  • Lennie begs George to tell the farm story.
  • Lennie says a little too much when he is introduced to the boss at the new ranch.
  • Lennie gets scared when Curley tries to pick a fight with him.
  • Lennie sees Curley’s wife and thinks she is "purty."
  • Lennie discovers that Slim’s dog has had puppies. Needless to say, he wants one desperately.
  • Lennie gets his puppy! And he spends a considerable amount of time trying to sneak it into the bunkhouse so he can pet it. And pet it. And PET IT.
  • Lennie is attacked by Curley. He does nothing to defend himself until George tells him to, at which point he pulverizes Curley’s hand.
  • Lennie is worried that George won’t let him tend…


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