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Of Mice and Men chapters
summary…read more

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Section 1
Itinerant workers, George Milton and Lennie
Small rest in a clearing by the river, on their
way to a nearby ranch where they expect to
sign on for temporary work. They have
hurriedly left the last ranch where they
worked, following an incident involving
Lennie. Lennie pleads with George to tell him
over and over again about their dream ranch,
where Lennie's main task will be to tend the
rabbits.…read more

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Questions ­ look for evidence in the
1. What do Steinbeck's first descriptions of
George and Lennie tell us about their
characters? Is there anything which he
writes about Lennie which leads us to
believe that he has a mind of a child?
2. What is the significance of the dead mouse
in terms of what it might tell us about
3. Why do you think George asks Lennie to
familiarise himself with the clearing where
they spend the night?…read more

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Section 2
The next day George and Lennie arrive at the ranch
and go to the bunk house, where they meet most
of the other main characters in the story: Candy
an old swamper with only one hand; Curley, the
boss' son; the boss, who is suspicious that George
will not let Lennie speak up for himself; Curley's
beautiful young wife who `flirts' with the other
men; Slim, the top ranch hand who is respected
by all the other hands; and Carlson, another of
the established hands. Slim is friendly towards
George and Lennie. Slim's bitch dog has recently
given birth to pups and Lennie begs George to ask
him if he will give one to Lennie as a pet.…read more

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Questions ­ look for evidence in the
What does the language used by Candy to
describe the stable buck, tell us about the
relationship between blacks and whites?
Does this language offer us any clues as to
the period in which the novel was set?
What words and phrases does Steinbeck use in
introducing us to Curley which suggest that
he might cause trouble for Lennie?
Do you think the ranch men find Curley's wife
attractive? Does this also include Lennie?
Give examples which suggest that she openly
flirts with the men.…read more

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Section 3
Slim realises that Lennie has the mentality of a
child. George tells Slim about the supposed rape
in Weed involving Lennie. Carlson bullies Candy
into allowing him to shoot his dog. George, at
Lennie's insistence, describes to him again their
dream farm, and Candy who is listening in, also
becomes enchanted by the idea. Curley starts a
fight with Lennie, and at George's command
Lennie eventually unleashes his strength and
crushes Curley's hand with ease. Slim persuades
Curley that to avoid further humiliation, it would
be in his best interests to pretend that his hand
got caught in a machine.…read more

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Paul Dutton


Lots of useful questions about each chapter, along with a summary.

Lorran payne



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