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Hameed Khandahari


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Hameed Khandahari

Chapter 1

Mr Jones, the drunkard who runs Manor Farm, does not care for the
Old Major, an old boar gathers the animals in a barn to give a speech about
his dream.
The animals arrive in this order, the position of the animals show the fact…

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Hameed Khandahari

Chapter 2

Old Major dies three nights after giving the speech. His ideas remain popular
among the animals
The pigs are the smartest animals. Three pigs emerge as leaders: Snowball is
passionate, eloquent and has support from most of the animals. Napoleon
is a fierce-looking, powerful boar. Squealer…

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Hameed Khandahari

No animal shall drink alcohol.
No animal shall kill any other animal.
All animals are equal.
Napoleon drinks the milk from the cows all by himself. This was immediately
after the commandments were put up. This shows his selfishness.

Chapter 3

The first era after Jones' departure was…

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Hameed Khandahari

Chapter 4

The news of the revolution is spreading across the country. The pigs send
pigeons to teach animals at nearby farms the song `Beasts of England'.
Mr Jones spends a lot of time getting drunk. Meanwhile, the owners of the
neighbouring farms, Mr Pilkington of Foxwood and…

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