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Of Mice and Men…read more

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General Overview
· The story is set in California in the 1930's
during the Great Depression and it main
characters are two wandering farm
workers called George and Lennie.
· George is small, quick and intelligent.
· By contrast Lennie is slow and simple-
· They travel around together in search of
work.…read more

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They have a dream of a place of their own
­ a small ranch where they can live and
work on their own.
· They are on the run from the town of
Weed where Lennie caused trouble by
innocently fondling a girls dress.
· They arrive at a ranch in Soledad where
they meet Candy, an old, crippled worker.
· Curley is the son of the boss and is
aggressive and threatening man who is
always searching for his wife.…read more

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George decides they will stay on the ranch
because they need the work and money.
· Lennie tells the black, harshly treat stable
buck, Crooks about their dream farm and
he too expresses a wish to be involved.
· Curley's wife meets Lennie in the barn
when she finds out he has accidentally
killed the puppy.
· She invites him to stoke her hair but
becomes upset by his roughness.…read more

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Unnerved by her screaming Lennie tries to
quieten her, accidentally breaking her
neck and killing her.
· He runs away and the other ranch-hands
set out in pursuit, but George knowing
where to find him, forces himself to kill
Lennie.…read more

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About the author
· Much of Of Mice and Men is based upon
Steinbeck's life and experiences.
· In the years after he failed at University he had
many casual jobs, varying from newspaper work
to ranch work.
· In the novel Steinbeck highlights many of the
problems of which he experienced at first hand.
· The great financial collapse of 1929 increased
unemployment and poverty throughout the
United States.…read more

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