LCS Departure (KEY SCENES)

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  • Luo 
  • Little Chinese Seamstress
  • Narrator 
  • Tailor (small part only) 

All 3 of the main characters are present during the departure of the little chinese seamstress. As well as the tailor, as he was the one to tell the boys that his 'daughter left' in the morning 'at first light'. 


  • betrayal 
  • grown up 
  • torn apart love 




'first item of lingerie' 

(Through this quote, we can tell that she is changing through small details like owning a first item of lingerie, which demonstrates how she is becoming more feminine, and items from the city) 

'her latest obsession' 

(Show that she has not been obsessed with it before, but could be linked due to her 'transformation', which shows that the items and things that she likes have changed as well) 

'you'll find she's adopted our accent' 

(Through this quote, the readers can tell that not only has she changed her fashion, but has adopted their accent, because she had been absorbing all of the elemnts from the 'city', in corilation to her 'departure') 

'she had asked her father to buy her a pair of white tennis shoes' 

(The white may have connotations for a 'pure' and 'fresh' start for her, when she goes to the city. The white tennis shoes just show that she just changing her style and footwear in order to fit into the city when she leaves the village, as she knows that the attire that she wearrs in the village is not suitable for the city) 

' a colour that would not last more than three days on the perpetually muddy paths of the mountains' 

(juxtaposes the difference between the city and the village, as the muddy paths create an image o(f a rural and nature, which is


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