Balzac and the Little Chinese Seamstress- Theme of Love

Theme of Love:

Luo and the narrater falls in love with the daughter of the tailor, Little Chinese Seamstress, in the rural area where they are forced to be "re-educated". 

Chapter 3:


This chapter begins with the boys meeting Little Chinese Seamstress . As they first arrive the narrator in his own words describe the seamstress as a ‘goddess’. The narrator pays small attention to her appearance as if they were priceless "jewels" and the loveliest eyes in Yong Jing. The narrator explains to the writer who she is and who as well is her father. He tells the reader about how her father is a very famous tailor in the region. He uses imagery to show the village to which the tailor goes to and shows who and what is going on as the tailor makes his entry. The tailor is fully described in detail to the reader, and describes his actions. The narrator starts to fantasize on the little Chinese seamstress, and describes how he sees her, and at the same time, the reader can notice that he is stating to have feelings for her. The seamstress starts to tell the narrator a bit about her past, and


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