romeo and juliet


act 1 scene 3 part 1 faith her age me juliet and l

you know my daugthers of a pretty age Faith, i can tell her age unto an hour

she's not fourteen 

i'll lay fourteen of my teeth and yet, to my teen be it spoken, I have but four

come lammas eve at night she shall be fourteen.

Susan and she, g-d rest all christian souls were of an age, well Susan is with G-d she was too good for me

but as i said "on lammas eve she shall be fourteen, that she shall, marry! 

i remember it well.....tis since the earthquake, now, 11years and she was weaned, aah i never shall forget....

of all the days upon that day,

for i had then laid wormwood to my dug, sitting in...

peace ...hold your peace

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act 1 scene 3 part 2

peace, i have done.

g-d mark you to his grace, you were the prettiest babe that i nursed.

an i might live to see you married once, i have my wish....

..... (10)the valiant paris seeks you for his love

a man, young lady.

lady SUCH a MAN as all the world 

why he is a man of valour!

.....(18)by having him making yourself no less

no less?

nay bigger!

women grow by men!

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act 1 scene 5 party

o tresspass sweetly urged, give me my sin again (snogs her)

enter MADAM!

your mohre craves a word with you!

what is her mother?

MARRY, bachelor,

HER mother is the lady of the house.

i tell you " he that can lay hold of her shall have the chinks" exit, return to party &  juliet  

                                                                 what he that follows here

I know not

go over to romeo

his name is romeo, and a montegue, the only son of your great enemy

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act 2 scene 4 in street - drunken sailor song

enter waftingly

here is goodly fun,  ....   a sail, asail



my fan, peter

.......for her fans the fairer of the two

gentlemen, can any of you tell me where i might find the young romeo?

i am the youngest of that name, for a fault of a worse

if you be he sir (point fan) i desire some confidence with you

wind scrves around me while singing here we go round the mulberry bush...un wind me ..act drunk ..........sing what shall we do with the drunken sailor and they leave

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act 2 scene 4 continued

MARRY! FAREWELL!     i pray you sir "what saucy merchant was this, that was so full of mischief?"

a gentlemaean nurse that loves to hear himself talk

now afore g-d sit down and fan yourself

scurvy knave!

pray you sir a word and as i told you my young lady bid me inquire ou out

hands me a gold coin  here is for your pains

push hand away, NO truly sir not a penny   wait and look and take it put in pocket this afternoon, sir? well she shall be there.

farewell commend me to your lady exits 

aye a thousand times

peter take my fan, and go before and quickly

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act 2 scene 5 head rub orchard

(6)send your man away

peter stay at the gate

(9)yet tell them merrily

iam wearey, give me leave awhile. Fi how my bones ache!

what a jaunce i have had!

good, good nurse speak

jesu!what haste,

can you not stay a while? do you not see i am out of breath?

what says he to our marriage?

lord how my head aches! what a head i have....................... get head rub

my back ................... get head rub ...........Oh to the other side 

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act 2 scene 5 orchard part 2

beshrew your heart for sending me about to catch my death

with jauncing up and down.

swee sweet sweet nurse tell me what says my love?

your love says like an honest gentleman and a courteous and a kind and ahadsome and i warrant a vitreous

where is your mother?

where is your mother?

have you got leave to go to church today?

i have

then hie you hence to friar laurence's cell, there stays a husband to make you a wife


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act 3 scene 2 tybalt dead

come gentle night come, loving black borrowed night


now nurse what news why do you wring you hands?

Ah well- a - day! he's dead he's dead he's dead whoever thought it .. romeo

what devel are you that torments me thus?

oh tybalt tybalt the best friend i had. look to heaven that i ever should live to see you dead

my dear loved cousin and my dearer lord

tybaly is gone and romeo banished,

romeo that killed him,

he is banished

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act 3 scene 2 tybalt dead part 2

o g-d did romeos hand shed tybalts blood?

it did, it did, alas the day it did

a dammed saint an houarable villian

give me some brandy,

these griefs these woes, these sorrows make me old.   shame to romeo

oh what a beast was i to chide him

will you speak well of him that killed your cousin?

and death not romeo take my maidenhead

hi to you chamber i'll find romeo to comfort you. i know where he is,

hark ye your romeo will be here tonight ;ll to him he is hid at friar laurances cell

takes ring juliet gives her and leaves

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act 3 scene 3 knock knock friar tucks cell

shout from offstage let me come in and you shall know my errand. i come from lady juliet

welcome then

enter oh holy friar oh tell me holy friar, wher is my lady's lord, where is romeo?

there on the ground with his own tears made drunk

stand up,stand up STAND! and you be a man. for juliets sake for her sake rise and stand!

with blood removed but little from her own

oh she says nothing sir, ut weeps and weeps... and now falls on her bed and then starts up ... and tybalt calls and then on romeo cries, and then down falls again.

(15) beg pardon of the prince andcall thee back

oh lord, i could have stayed here all nightto hear good counsel, oh what learning is! lord i'll tell my lady you will come. here sir a ring she bid me give you, sir. hie  you, make haste!  for it grows very late

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act 3 scene 5 juliet is in bed with romeo

more light and light more dark and dark our woes




your lady mother is coming to our chamber. the day is broke. be wary, look about.


oh g-d nurse how shall this be prevented?

i thnk it is best that you be married with the county

oh he's a lovely gentleman! romeos disclout to him......beshrew my very heart, i think you are happy in the second match for it excels your first.

to make confessionand to be absolved i exit

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act 4 scene 2

what is my daughter gone to friar laurance?

aye forsooth

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act 4 scene 4

hold take these keys and fetch more spices

they call for dates and quinces in the pastry

all exit together

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act 4 scene 5 juliets dead

offstage mistress what mistress juliet fast i warrant her she

enter   fie you sluga bed what not a word, how sound is she asleep? , i needs must wake her

madam madam MADAM

alas, alas, help, help, my lady's dead! oh well-a- day that ever i was born

what noise is here?

oh lamantable day

what is the matter?

look, look, oh heavy day

for shame bring juliet forh her lord is come

she's dead deceased she's dead alack the  day

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