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On the Departure Platform

The narrator (not Hardy don't mistake the narrator for Hardy) recalls parting with his
lover (For Hardy it's probably Emma... or maybe some other woman. Hardy is hot af
I bet he could get anyone. But it doesn't matter k? Save any speculations on who…

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Describing her as a `spot' makes her sound fragile and

A wee white spot of muslin fluff Muslin is an expensive soft cotton that's usually
That down the diminishing platform bore associated with babies, and white is associated with
Through hustling crowds of gentle and rough purity and innocence.…

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The pleasant imagery of `soft white array' combined
with the gentle sounds created through the alliteration
of the S reflects his warm feelings towards her.

--`And why, young man, must eternally fly The direct speech is introduced to bring the poem back
A joy you'll repeat, if you love her…


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