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Written in 1917 about 5 yrs after Emma's death.

Hardy's recollection of his second meeting with Emma Gifford in 1870. This meeting
was to be the start of their relationship leading to their marriage in 1874.

Meeting takes place as Hardy is about to leave.…

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Adjective clammy is a strange personification. It
describes the dew covered lawn as well as Hardy's
discomfort and agitation.
Juxtaposition of the ethereal bird imagery with the
unpleasant clamminess increases the uneasiness
of the mood.
'bare-browed' Hatless. Implies that Emma is
natural and free. Also a little strange to be…

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I beheld not where all was so fleet 'Plan of the past' Plan has a capital P to stress
That a Plan of the past Hardy's belief in fate. Plan is personified and is
Which had ruled us from birthtime to made a ruler to show how destiny is controlling…

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the earlier, more spiritual energy and wistful mood
of the poem.
`When we came in together' The poem moves from
'alone' in the first stanza to 'we' and 'together',
which is the last word of the poem.


regular rhyme scheme ABABCDCD (4 stanzas, 8 lines each) allows the poem…


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