Latin Set texts 5- Marital Conflict

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Marital Conflict

Cicero writes to Atticus telling him of the problems his brother is having in his marriage to Pomponia (the sister of Atticus) 68 BC.

quod ad me scribis de sorare tua, testis erit tibi ipsa quantae mihi curae fuerit ut Quinti fratris animus in eam esset is qui esse deberet.

As to what you say in your letter about your sister, she will be a witness to you of how much care i have taken that my brother Quintus's attitude towards her is what it should be.

quem cum esse offensiorem arbitrarer, eas litteras ad eum misi quibus et placarem ut fratrem et monerem ut minorem et obtugarem ut errantem.  

Since I thought that he was being rather offensive, I sent him this letter in which I could calm him down as a brother, I could advise him as a junior and tell him off as he was making a mistake.

itaque ex iis quae postea saepe ab eo ad me scripta sunt confido ita esse omnia ut oporteat et velimus.

Therefore, from those (letters) which were often sent by him to me, I am confident that everything is as it should be and as we would wish.

Some years later (17), Cicero again writes


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