Large companies becoming more sustainble, case study, full answer

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Explain attempts being made by companies to become sustainble.

Companies in the food industry have made attempts to become more sustainable. For example, Asda/Walmart's distribution centre in Didcot, Oxfordshire, now recycles all of its plastic packaging rather than it going to landfill. This is more sustainable as landfill sites are filling up and so this helps to save space for the future. The distributon centre also has a new baler which compresses the plastic to 10% of its size so it can fit more into the lorries. As a result the plastic only has to be collected once a week rather than four times a week, so Asda's carbon footprint is reduced. Asda benefits because it gets paid to do it and it saves on transport costs. The environment benefits as less waste goes to landfill, and so it is more sustainable due to fewer carbon emissions.

The communications industry has also made attempts to be more sustainable. For example, Nokia have given information on its website on where to find recycling points and the address to send the phone to if there isn't a centre nearby. It does this


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