Language and resistance

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Lexical semantics and strategies of meaning.
>semantic  fields:
'A named area of meaning which lexemes interrelate and define eachother in specific ways. (p.157) David Crystal encyclopedia of english language.

Some words fit into a number of categories, e.g, orange - fruit & colour.
Appears simple but infact has implications.

synonyms and antonyms

Synonym ( Greek meaning = same and name) think of them as similar but never quite the same.
1) Dialect difference e.g lift/elevator
2) stylistic differences (depends on formality)
3) difference of emotional feeling (what phrases have come to mean)

Anrtonym - opposites. Responsible for establishing for binary oppositions, e.g, hot/cold.

Hyponymy = what happens when you explain what things are. Ordering and subordinating things on a basis of knowledge

Polysemy = 2 words with the same form and related meanings - can be defined as 1…


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