Jane Eye notes Chapters 1 and 2


Chapter 1


  • Jane as a child at Gateshead-scene is set and reader is introduced to Jane's inferior positiion within the Reed household
  • Retrospective narrative voice introdcued
  • Jane uses books as a form of escapism-power of the imagination 
  • Altercation with John reed and so Jane is take away to the Red Room.

Context links/perios detail (A03)

  • Social position of orphans in Victorian era
  • Gender roles-female inferiority in Victorian era/gender expectations on female behaviour- Jane doesn't adhere to conventions.

Other interpretations-eg critical views/debates in text (A05)

  • Marxist approach- class differences evident from begining-Jan'es ambiguous social situation
  • Feminist approach-Jane shrouding herself in a curtain at the start of novel symbolises inferior position of women in Victorian era
  • "every woman in a patriarchal society must meet and overcome;oppression" Gilbert and Gubar

Themes dealt with

Journeys, family, relationships, poverty/wealth, belonging, identitity, entrapment, imagination.

General analysis

'cold winter wind' pathetic fallacy- represents Jane's life and feelings

Colour red used-symbolises fire and passion-theme in novel with Jane's own passion. 

Also contrasts to the 'dreary november day'.

Birds used as they have…


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