Pride & Prejudice - Chapter Summaries (AQA)

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English Literature ­ Pride & Prejudice
Chapter 1:
Introduced to the `Bennet' family
News that Mr Bingley will be moving near ­ he is single and wealthy
Mrs Bennet wants' to get one of her daughters married to him as this is "The
business of her life"
Mrs Bennet favours Jane over her other daughters and she is more attractive ­ She
also favours Lydia as she is good humoured
Mr Bennet favours Lizzy as she "has something more of quickness than her sisters" ­
Much like him
Mr Bennet is described as "Sarcastic humour, reserve & caprice" ­ His wife does not
fully understand his character after 23 years of marriage
Mrs Bennet is described as "Woman of mean understanding, little information, and
uncertain temper"
Mr & Mrs Bennett's relationship seems to be somewhat disconnected
Mr Bennet can be related to Austin's father and their relationship
Character establishment
Darcy represents `prejudice'
Austen asserting her view of men ­ suggests men are `mysterious' and people don't
know how they feel or view things ­ Plunge straight into narrative ­ Given insight
into the narrators view ­ Lays the ground for narrative development
Reference to money "Young men of large fortune" ­ Foundation for money theme in
Mr Bennet shows little interest in one of his daughters marrying Mr Bingley ­ Mrs
Bennet is the complete opposite ­ Mr Bennet became more alert about the prospect
after money was mentioned.
Mr Bennet says how when women get older they lose their beauty ­ Become
housewives and that's all their good for ­ Austen representing what she disagrees
with through him?
Chapter 2:
Mrs Bennet believes that her next door neighbour, Mrs Long will not introduce Lizzy
to Mr Bennet as she has two nieces and she is a selfish & hypocritical woman
Mr Bennet reveals that he has secretly gone to visit Mr Bingley
Building on theme that men are a mystery "One cannot know what a man really is by
the end of a fortnight" ­ Men hide things?

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Mrs Bennet ­ very disappointed that Mr Bennet didn't go and see Mr Bingley and
then sings his praises and `knew' that he had been to see him when Mr Bennet
reveals the truth
Mr Bennet secretly goes to visit him and then surprises the girls ­ Men are
Mr Bennet is "fatigued with the raptures of his wife" ­ Building on her character
Chapter 3:
Mrs Bennet repeats her goal "If I can but see one of my daughters happily settled at
Netherfield"…read more

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Chapter 4:
Jane & Lizzy discuss the events ­ They agree that Mr Bingley's sisters have poor
We also find out how Mr Bingley got his wealth ­ Inherited from father
Mr Darcy & Mr Bingley are then compared ­ Mr Bingley is considered better than Mr
Darcy.…read more

Page 4

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Charlotte says ­ If Jane doesn't show her affection to Mr Bingley she may lose the
opportunity of "fixing him" ­ Men are more superior to women ­ they are in the
`driving seat' of a relationship and make the decisions
Charlotte thinks Jane should rush and get with him, she also likes his wealth ­ She
says how Jane is "not acting by design" so won't be fake and will act upon her own
feelings ­ Women were usually who their partners wanted them…read more

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Mrs Bennet had a father who had been an attorney ­ her sister married Mr Phillips
who succeeded her father, her brother was settled in London in a respectable line of
trade ­ Women have little opportunity in this time period.…read more

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Lydia asks Bingley to hold a ball at Netherfield park ­ he says how he wants to wait
until Jane has recovered before doing so (Gentleman and likes her?)
Lydia ­ stout well grown girl of 15 ­ fire complexion and good humoured, a favourite
with her mother
Chapter 10:
Miss Bingley repeatedly compliments Darcy on his letter writing
The conversation between Miss Bingley and Darcy then entangles Elizabeth and
Darcy in an argument over the virtues of accepting the advice of friends.…read more

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Chapter 12:
Elizabeth was "impatient to get home"
Mrs Bennet refused to send a carriage ­ wants them to stay longer
They borrow Mr Bingley's carriage
Miss Bingley was very jealous of Elizabeth ­ this exceeded her affection for Jane
Jane insisted that they must go "she was firm where she felt herself to ne right" ­
Strong women.…read more

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Chapter 15:
Mr Collins described as "not a sensible man" ­ He spent part of his life under
guidance of an illiterate and miserly father ­ he belonged to a university though
He was a mixture of pride, obsequiousness, self-importance and humility.
He intended to marry one of the Bennet daughters ­ he liked Jane ­ Mrs Bennet is
pleased at this ­ Mrs Bennet also hints that Jane may soon to be engaged soon (Mr
Bingley) ­ Collins then switches his attention to Elizabeth.…read more

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Darcy's father was "one of the best men that ever breathed"
Mr Darcy didn't follow through his father's will and provide for Mr Wickham ­
Elizabeth's hate for Darcy grows
Wickham said he would not disgrace Darcy ­ Elizabeth though this very good of him
Darcy's actions can be traced to pride says Wickham ­ Darcy is a good person when
with other rich people
Wickham tells Elizabeth that Darcy is Lady Catherine's nephew ­ She decides Darcy
deserves nothing but contempt.…read more

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Mrs Bennet tells Lady Lucas of Jane probably marrying Mr Bingley - She says how
with many good wished that Lucas's daughters may soon be married but deep down
believed that there was no chance of it.
Elizabeth tells her mother to keep her voice down as Mr Darcy may overhear and
there is no point in offending him ­ Mrs Bennet does not keep her voice down ­
Elizabeth blushed with shame and vexation.…read more


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