Issues and Debates - Free Will VS Determinism

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Free will = do we have control over our thoughts and actions?

Determinism = to which extent are we controlled by our internal and external forces?

Hard determinism 

Hard determinism means that we are controlled by our internal and external forces and we have very little wrong to make our own choices.

Soft Determinism 

We have some consious mental control over our behaviour.

Biological Determinism

Our behaviour is genetically determined by our inherited genes.

Enviormental Determinism 

Our previous experiences shape how we behave moving forward. 

Psychic Determinism 

Our early experiences (childhood) shapes our behaviour.

The scientific emphasis on casual explanations 

Universal laws can help scientists make predictions and potentially control future events.


Free Will 

Strenghth - A free will approach suggests that people have conscious control over their lives, this is benefical for those recovering from a mental illness because it allows the patient to have responsiblity over their recovery. Also, people who have internal locus of control is…


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