Introduction to Debates

introduction to debates

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Introduction to Debates
The word `psychology' is derived from two Greek words: `psyche', meaning `the mind of soul' and
`logos' meaning `the study of'.
Psychology was developed from the area of philosophy, which explains why there are a number of
philosophical issues present.
It was only in 1879 that psychology began to be considered as a science following the setting up of
the first psychology laboratory in Leipzig by Wilhelm Wundt.
The debates module will consider the validity of various beliefs and concepts in the area of
These are referred to as philosophical issues or debates.
The debates include:
Free will vs. determinism
Nature vs. nurture (nativism vs. empiricism)
Holism vs. reductionism
Idiographic vs. Nomothetic
This module also considers the following questions:
Is psychology really a science or should it even aspire to be a science?
How can psychology be considered alongside physics, biology and chemistry when it does
not have a definable subject matter, lacks precision in procedures and is just `common
If it is a science then it should always be objective, but is objectivity always the best way to
study behaviour, e.g. how valuable is subjective experience?


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