Issues & Debates

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  • Issues & Debates
    • Nature VS Nurture
      • Nature:  genetics
      • Nurture: Upbringing
      • Interactionist Approach: both genetics & environment
    • Free Will VS Determinism
      • Hard Determinism:All of human behaviour is ultimately determined, we have no choice over our actions.
      • Soft Determinism: Human behaviour is ultimately determined, but we can exercise free will if need be.
      • Free Will: we have complete control over our behaviour
      • There are three key types of determinism: environmental, biological & psychic
        • Environmental: external triggers, like conditioning
        • Biological: genetics, brain physiology & biochemistry
        • Psychic: unconscious thoughts
    • Levels of explanation
      • Holism: human behaviour should be viewed as a whole
      • Reductionism: A single explanation
        • Biological reductionism
        • Environmentalreductionism
    • Idiographic VS Nomothetic
      • Idiographic approach: when an explanation considers the individual
      • Nomothetic approach: people can be regarded in groups & we can make general laws


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