Is religious faith compatible with scientific evidence?

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Biblical account - Genesis :

Genesis states the universe the universe was created in 6 days:

Day 1 - God created light and Darkness

Day 2- God seperated the water from the sky

Day 3-God created dry ground and gathered the water into the sea

Day 4- God created the moon and stars to give light and mark seasons

Day 5-God created every living creature of the sea and birds

Day 6 - God creates animals and humans

Day 7 - God rested happy with his creation

Hindu creation story -

In the beginning there was no heaven,no earth.A giant cobra floated on the water,it's coils held a sleeping vishnu.As dawn broke Vishnu's naval grew a lotus flower,in the middle of the Lotus sat Brahman.Vishnu said "It's time to begin" and commanded "Create the world" .Brahama split the lotus into 3,one in the heavens,one in the earth and the last in the skies.He then created vegetation,birds and fish.


Young Eath Creationists:

Accepts Genesis story as literally true.The Earth is between 6000 and 10000


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